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Meet Our Student Staff

Meet our amazing student staff who help to coordinate events on campus, act as advocates and resources, and whom are continually striving to create a more equitable and cohesive campus environment

About the Student Staff

Joey Medina Picture

Joey Medina | He/Him | Outreach Coordinator

I am a Queer, Latinx, 3rd year Sociology Major and my pronouns are he/him/his. I’ve been working at the center since my 2nd year and am thrilled to be the Outreach Coordinator for 2019-2020! With this position, I hope to serve as liaison between the center and all of campus to make sure that the needs for Queer and Trans students are met. I want to unify our different organization so we can work towards a better university for all, especially for our QTPOC family. I love talking about weird, niche topics, so I hope to speak to you soon!


Monica | She/They/Elle | QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator

My name is Monica, and I use she/they/elle pronouns.  I am a queer, latinx, non-binary person of color. My majors are Sociology, Latin America & Iberian Studies with an emphasis in social justice and education. I’ve been working at the RCSGD for 3 years now and this year I will be returning as the QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator. My goals for this year are to continue to create brave spaces for Queer and Trans People of Color to connect and foster community. With my programming this year I hope to establish a counter space where QTPOC students can come together in solidarity, support one another and connect each other with resources. Feel free to email me if you want to collaborate! 
Monica Picture

Alex Picture

Alex | They/She | Volunteer Coordinator

I’m Alex, a 4th year Global Studies and French double major. My pronouns are she/they and I am the Volunteer Coordinator here at the RCSGD! My goals are to create a fun, welcoming community environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable. I want to be a resource for all and I want to help my volunteers succeed in all of their endeavors. I am so excited to work at the RCSGD because this was the first place I came to for first year orientation. I have always felt welcome here and I want others to feel the same way I felt walking in. Fun fact I speak 5 languages so y’all know I love talking, so come in and find out! 

Aryn Amezcua | They/He/El | Trans Empowerment Coordinator

Aryn (they/he/el) is a chicanx, queer and transmasculine, pop-punk enthusiasts from the upside down (Oxnard, CA). They’re majoring in history and are minoring in applied psychology. They began working at the center in Fall 2018 as the Trans Task Force Advocacy Coordinator and have transitioned to the Trans Empowerment Coordinator. They are excited to continue working at the center where they first found their community and chosen family at UCSB. Aryn’s goals for the year are to empower trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming students, create a strong sense of community, and increase the accessibility of available resources. Those goals include a trans discussion group, empowerment hours, providing one-to-one support, and creating a “how to trans-ition” guide at UCSB. Aryn loves to listen to music, go on walks, and draw. They’re looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you. Come into the center and say hi! 

Aryn Picture

Adrian Viloria Picture

Adrian Viloria | They/Them/He/Him | Education Coordinator

Adrian is a fourth year Sociology Major who transferred from Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz their 3rd year. They are heavily influenced by their experiences as a queer, mixed-race, gender variant individual and greatly value communication and storytelling in their work. Back in Santa Cruz they volunteered as a Triangle Speaker, where they spoke on a diverse panel of Queer, Trans, and Intersex individuals at local schools, businesses, and organizations. As a Triangle Speaker they shared their experiences navigating the world and how it pertained to their intersecting identities. They also have experience educating folks on sexuality and sexual health (a great passion of theirs) and broader Queer and Trans topics. At Cabrillo they obtained an Associates Degree in Sociology and Liberal Arts and Sciences and are eager to move forward in their education. As the Education Coordinator they hope to spread knowledge and positivity throughout UCSB and work collaboratively with their communities to insure they represent others well. 
Fun Fact: Adrian was recognized as the Grand Marshal at Santa Cruz Pride in 2016!

Helen Roades | They/She | Marketing Coordinator

Helen is a second year history major at UCSB. After being part of the volunteer program last year, this will be their first year working at the RCSGD. They are so excited to develop the RCSGD’s online presence to reach a wider audience and connect with more wonderful Queer and Trans people at UCSB. They believe in the power of social media to foster change, and they hope that with their position they can create a more inclusive environment at the RCSGD and UCSB as a whole. Helen loves to cook, read, go to the beach, and spend time with friends.

Helen Picture

Eli Picture

Eli Diaz | He/Him/His |Office Assitant

Eli is a second year, intending to be a Political Science major with a minor in LGBTQ Studies. Eli is starting as an Office Assistant at the RCSGD, and through this position he intends to create a safe and welcoming environment within the RCSGD and hopes to help all people of varying identities in any way he can. Eli is from Victorville, CA and identifies as a queer Latinx Cuban-Salvadorean American. He decided to join the RCSGD staff because he wants to continue to help and contribute to the QTPOC community on and off campus. Some labels Eli identifies with are bisexual, polyamorous, and homoromantic, and he feels he is constantly growing and evolving with his identities. Some of Eli's interests include gaming, cooking, all types of animals, and going to queer events and parties.


Anastasia Veal | She/Her|Hers | Office Assistant

Hi, my name is Anastasia and my pronouns are she/her. I am a 3rd year black studies and sociology double major. I'm originally from AZ, but my home now is NorCal. My position at the RCSGD is an Office Assistant. I wanted to work at the center to help create a place for queer and trans P.O.C. students on campus to feel comfortable and welcome. I hope to learn over the year more about my own identity, and also help others find out their own. In my free time I enjoy sewing, playing music, and watching sports. I hope to meet y'all , so come by the center and say hello! 

Anastasia Picture

Marco Picture

Marco Sosa | He/Him/His | Office Assistant

Marco is a second year Psychology major from Los Angeles, California. He chose to work as an Office Assistant for the RCSGD because he wants to facilitate a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community to learn and grow together. His goal is to inspire positive change on campus by empowering Queer and Trans students and spreading knowledge and acceptance of the community in and around UCSB. He enjoys growing his artistic skills and reading novels about Queer and Trans characters and historical events.