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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the RCSGD located?

The RCSGD is located on the 3rd floor of the Student Resource Building. It is located across the walkway from the elevator and to the right of the main staircase. We also have a virtual tour briefly showing how to get there and the inside of the center: 

What are your operating hours?

Mon 10 AM - 4 PM

Tues 10 AM - 4 PM

Wed 10 AM - 4 PM

Thurs 10 AM - 4 PM

Fri 10 AM - 4 PM

We also have recurring office hours for our coordinators. This information is provided on the RCSGD Events Calendar, and you may contact us for any information, or to answer any questions or concerns at

How else can we contact you?

If you go to the “About” section of the website, you can access pages on both our career and student staff. Click on any name of a person you are interested in contacting to email them directly. Our social media: @rcsgd.ucsb (Instagram, Twitter) and Facebook (RCSGD.UCSB) are also available for contact. 

What kind of safer sex materials do you provide?

Some safer-sex materials we provide include latex external condoms, latex-free external condoms, internal condoms, and dental dams. If you want to learn more click here for our Safer Sex Materials Resource guide.

Where can I find out more about the LGBTQ+ minor?

You can find more information on the Feminist Studies page: 

What kind of books do you have in your library?

Our books vary, ranging from anything from theory to erotica to graphic novels to nonfiction - what they do all have in common is that they are LGBTQIA+ related or adjacent, have been curated by our team, and are the result of many generous contributions. If you ever have a genre or specific book in mind, you can ask a staff member, and they can see if it’s something we have or could make accessible in the future.  

How does the borrowing system work?

Similar to the library, we write your name and perm into a spreadsheet and give you a due date. This will be followed up with a confirmation email reminding you of this due date. You can ask for an extension or not, that is up to you! However, if you do not return the book on time, you will not be able to check out other books until that book has been returned. 

Where are the nearest restrooms?

The all-gender restroom closest to the center is near the Office of International Student Services (OISS). Exit the center, make a right, walk towards the OISS, and at the end of the hallway, you will find the restroom. 

The gendered restrooms closest to the center are located on the second floor, in the same position as the all-gender restrooms located on the third floor.

For folks looking for the closest all-gender restroom on campus, check out our All Gender Restroom and Lactation Rooms map on our website.

Is there food in the center?

There is always food in the center! Near the OA desk, there is a filing cabinet filled with snacks like granola bars and fruit snacks, among others. To get a snack (or multiple!) from the cabinet, take it from the drawer and put your name, and the item(s) you’ve taken on the sheet, as well as the date. Opposite this cabinet, next to the fridge, is a shelf filled with items like canned food, soup, peanut butter, and jelly- bread is usually available. Depending on the day sometimes there might be some pizza or other food! Whatever the case may be, please always be mindful and respectful of the needs of other students when taking food. 

Due to COVID restrictions and health policies, eating is currently not permitted in our center. If you have food, please eat it outside on the patio or exit the Student Resource Building. Please also dispose of food in a trash can outside of our center.

You can also use our fridge to store food items, but please always label your food, and be aware of the fact the fridge is cleaned out every Friday. 

Can I study in the center?

Yes! The center is a space where you decide what you want to do, and if you want to study then the center is there for you! (There may be other students speaking or talking, especially if an event or group is going on, but we will do our best to respect your space and needs, as long as your respect ours and theirs). Take a look at our Community Space Expectations so we create a safe and inclusive space. 

Can I print at the RCSGD? 

Yes! The RCSGD has the largest printing lab in the Student Resource Building and it’s completely free. There are no restrictions on how many times you can print, which makes it different from other printing labs on campus!

Are the buttons free?

Yes, take as many as you want (again, with respect to other students)! We have limited addition buttons our staff designs every month! Feel free to check those out when they come out!

What are the weekly events that the RCSGD has?

Our calendar on the website (under the “Events” tab) shows all the events happening. You can also check out our Instagram page on Mondays where we show what events will be happening weekly. While the weekly events can change from quarter to quarter, we always have office hours for our coordinators. We also tend to have IdentiTeas (depending on topic and availability) on a frequent, if not weekly, basis. 

Where can I find the list of events?


What does it mean when an event is a ‘closed space’?

While we do not like turning people away, some of our events are a ‘closed space’ meaning that the event pertains only to people whose identity resonates with the event or maybe to those who are questioning their identity and want to explore if that label/identity resonates. But don’t worry! There are lots of open events where ANYONE can join!

Where can I find accessibility information regarding the RCSGD?

You can check out our website at and click "Accessibility" to find out more about the RCSGD. You can also always reach out to the Office Assistants of the RCSGD at or any of our Directors.

How can I learn more about supporting LGBTQIA+ students at UCSB?

QTies (or Queer Trans Identity & Experience Seminars) is a great series designed 
provide education about the queer and trans community which include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) identities.  There are two types of QTIES - seminars and information sessions - the latter being significantly shorter and covering only two topics (separately), pronouns and all-gender restroom information. The former has three topics - Queer & Trans 101, Trans 101 Seminar, and Undocuqueer & UndocuTrans Seminar. For more information, please see the QTIES page, under the education section of our website, and contact for more information, details, or to schedule a QTie. 

You can find more information overall under the Education section on our website - there are several pages (such as pronouns and glossaries) and more information is being added as our staff works diligently to provide more context and details on topics and identities.

How do I get involved with the RCSGD?

Marsha P. Johnson Volunteer Program

Our Marsha P Johnson Volunteer Project provides an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ students and advocates to support the mission and goals of the RCSGD at UCSB. Volunteers will specifically work on the RCSGD's publicity efforts, lead a creative project of their own, and develop leadership skills for their professional goals. Volunteers will also be working alongside the current student staff and are able to assist in any projects staff are leading.

LGBTQ+ Mentorship Connection Program

The LGBTQ+ Mentorship Connection Program connects LGBTQ+ undergraduate students with LGBTQ+ identified faculty, staff, and graduate student mentors. The main goal of the LGBTQ+ Mentorship Connection Program is to build a bridge for our LGBTQ+ student, staff, and faculty community to form meaningful connections. For more information, check out the program page on our website, under Get Involved. 

Monarch Opportunity Scholar 

The RCSGD often provides two positions for Monarch Opportunity Scholars - for more information, details are provided here: (the RCSGD is included at the bottom). 

Emerging Leaders Institute

The Emerging Leadership Institute is a 2-day, overnight experience during the Winter quarter for LGBTQ students that will focus on sessions around leadership, community organizing, and identity development. This institute is aimed towards new and incoming students who have the potential to become leaders not just within the LGBTQ+ community, but across the entire campus. If you are a freshman or transfer student, we highly encourage you to apply to gain exposure to the campus climate, LGBTQ+ issues, and insight on how to tackle intersectional matters in a university setting. Although recruitment is geared towards new and potential leaders, all are welcome to apply!

Other Ways To Get Involved

Talk to us! All of our staff members are open and understanding of questions and concerns. Feel free to be open and respectfully ask what you need or are curious about - if a staff member is unable to answer a question (or uncomfortable with the topic), they can direct you to someone who can better help, or resources that will. Our OAs are especially a great starting point if you don’t know where or who to go to. 

Work for us! We publicize when we start to hire folks on our platforms, so keep an eye out for that! 

Attend our events! Our events are a great way to get to know us and our community and to connect. We’re also always open to conducting events and planning things with students, so attending our events can be a great way to see how we operate and how our events are conducted, as well as who to talk to regarding this.