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Meet Our Student Staff

Meet our amazing student staff who help to coordinate events on campus, act as advocates and resources, and whom are continually striving to create a more equitable and cohesive campus environment

About the Student Staff

Sebastian Jauregui Sandoval | They.He | Office Assistant

Hello everyone! My name is Sebastian Jauregui (Sebas, pronounced seh-bah-s). I am a 4th year, Applied Mathematics major and I am one of the Office Assistants here at the RCSGD. I have been involved with the RCSGD since my first year and wanted to work here to help  provide community and support to those who don’t feel supported or heard and feel lost within campus. The RCSGD has allowed me to find myself not only with my identities but also to find my place here at UCSB and I would love to give the support back to others who feel lost and can’t find community. I am a first-gen, low-income, Undocumented, Lesbian, Latine, nonbinary , STEM major. I am in a Multicultural Sorority, Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority, Incorporated. So if anyone is interested in Sorority and Fraternity life feel free to reach out and check out the LGBTQIA+ Sorority and Fraternity Life page at the RCSGD website. I also love to play video games and vibe with my friends and sisters.

Anusikha Halder | She.They | QTBIPOC Empowerment Coordinator

Hi y’all! I’m Anusikha (pronounced Ah-nu-shika), my pronouns are she/they, and I’m your QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator for this year! I’m a third year English major who's been involved with the center since my first year. My goals for being QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator this year are to make QTBIPOC students feel safe, seen, heard, and understood. Working at the Center has allowed me to grow, and communicate and collaborate with a rich variety of people, and I hope to continue to do this year with you. In my spare time, I like to bake, read, and write poetry (and occasionally skateboard if I’m feeling brave). 

Giovanni Alexander Castillo | He.him.his | Office Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Giovanni Alexander Castillo (He/Him/His). I'm a third year majoring in Psych and Brain sciences with a minor in Theater production design and Applied Psychology. My position at the RCSGD is Office Assistant and my goals for my role is to be able to guide students to the resources they need and create a welcoming environment as soon as someone walks into the center. I work at the RCSGD because growing up, I had no one to help me on my journey and if I can help anyone and make them feel like they have someone in their corner then I have done my job and the center is doing exactly that. I myself am a transgender man, started T, Sept 2019 and just recently had top surgery on June 10th, and if anyone has questions about medical transitioning or anything in general, please feel free to come to me!!



Marco Muñoz | He.Him.His | Volunteer Coordinator

Hello, my name is Marco and I am the Volunteer Coordinator! I’m a fourth-year Psychology and Brain Sciences undergraduate student. After moving from Los Angeles to UCSB, I got involved with the RCSGD in my second year by working as an Office Assistant, then moving into the Volunteer Coordinator role my third year. I chose to continue working at the RCSGD because this is a community space where I get to work with other Queer and Trans folk to help them build their skills as scholars and activists. As a Queer and Trans Latino man navigating academics and research, I hope to help my fellow QT, BIPOC, and first-generation scholars navigate their path at UCSB and beyond. Come talk to me about the Volunteer Program, research questions, transitions, and anything QT related.

 Mikayla | She.hers.her | Office Assistant

Hi y’all! My name is Mikayla (she/her) and I’m an Office Assistant! I’m a second-year CCS Writing and Literature major (originally from San Diego) and I’m super excited to support the QT community on campus by creating a welcoming and supportive space at the RCSGD. I volunteered with the RCSGD as a freshman during virtual learning and found an amazing group of peers and friends who made me feel at home at UCSB. My main goal as an Office Assistant this year is to create that same experience for other students! As we move back into in-person and hybrid learning, I aim to focus on helping students transition back to campus and find community. I’m also very excited to work on connecting QT students to artistic expression and creating events that promote inclusive sex education. Outside of my work at the RCSGD, I love to bake meringue cookies, read fantasy books, and practice sword fighting!



Drew Buchanan | He.him | Trans & Nonbinary Empowerment Coordinator

Hey y’all! My name is Drew Buchanan (he/him). I am a 3rd year Sociology Major with a minor in LGBTQ+ studies. I have been attending events and support groups at the RCSGD since my freshman year and am very excited to be on the administrative side of things! My hopes for this year are to facilitate a safe space for trans healing as we transition back to on-campus learning. I am a huge fan of Scooby-Doo and could talk about the live action movies for hours if prompted. Can’t wait to meet you!

 Anastasia Senavsky | She.hers.her | Marketing Coordinator

Hi! I'm Anastasia Senavsky, the Marketing Coordinator for the RCSGD. I use she/her/hers pronouns, and I am a 2nd year Art and (soon to be) Biological Sciences Double major. I wanted to join the RCSGD to raise our programming's accessibility and visibility across campus. I highly value stability and I will be working hard this year to make sure the RCSGD's brand, image, and mission are a stable force at UCSB! I was a volunteer at the RCSGD last year, and found an amazing group of people to feel comfortable with while navigating school online. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, cooking, and all things studio ghibli! As a first-generation college student, and a queer person myself, I am extremely excited be a resource for my fellow students as well as be in community with so many inspiring folks. My background also includes being a low-income, former foster care youth, and navigating housing and food insecurity--- which are all now experiences that ignite my passion for advocacy and resource connection work. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions you may have--- or just for fun! 



Julie | they.them.theirs | Education Coordinator

Hi! My name is Julieta (she/her/hers), and I am a Latinx, Sagittarius, fourth-year double major in Mathematics and Sociology. I have been volunteering with the RCSGD since my first year. As this year’s Education Coordinator, I am excited to lead discussions and educate our fantastic UCSB community about the identities and challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ folx. I’m passionate about the Great British Baking show, writing poetry, and making sex education more inclusive.


Apolinar De Jesus | He.Him.HIs | Indigenous Empowerment Coordinator

Hello! My name is Apolinar De Jesus (He/Him/His), and I am a fifth-year art major!  As an Indigenous queer student, I am more than proud to be working at the RCSGD as the Indigenous Empowerment Coordinator. My goal is to work and engage with Native, Indigenous, and Two-Spirit students and have their needs be met through the center. A fun fact about me is that I do drag. I remember attending my first drag show, hosted by the RCSGD, and it inspired me to wear dresses, high heels, and play around with makeup ever since!



Resh | she.hers.her | Office Assistant

Hi, my name is Resh (sher/her/hers) and I’m a fourth year Writing and Literature major in the College of Creative Studies! I’m minoring in Sociocultural Linguistics as well as English with a focus on literature and the mind. As an Office Assistant, I hope to be an approachable, welcoming person for LGBTQIA+ folks and allies. I want to ensure that all students feel heard, seen, and supported by us, and wish to offer guidance and care to all, especially BIPOC students. I’m passionate about literature and art from QTBIPOC folks and love getting/giving recommendations! 


Guillermo Fernandez | he.him.his | Monarch Intern

Hello everyone, my name is Guillermo Fernandez (he/him) and I am a fourth year Linguistics major, with a minor in Translation Studies and a minor in German. I am the Monarch Intern for this academic year, and I would like to use my position this year to better support the students and staff who find themselves in the very complex intersection of being undocumented and queer/trans and need support and community. I am committed to give us a community, a safe space, and the resources needed for us to feel safe and seen. It is also a goal of mine to bring awareness to the struggles and triumphs of this particular community on campus for everyone. I truly hope everyone has a great school year, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, suggestions, or if you just want to talk!