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Meet Our Student Staff

Meet our amazing student staff who help to coordinate events on campus, act as advocates and resources, and whom are continually striving to create a more equitable and cohesive campus environment

About the Student Staff

Esmeralda "Esme" Quintero-Cubillan | They/She | Native Empowerment Coordinator

Howdy Y'all! I am Esmeralda "Esme" Quintero-Cubillan (They/She) and I am a fourth-year Political Science, Sociology, and Environmental Studies triple major. I am a member of the Taino and Wayuu Nations and I am a proud Indigenous and Latine queer Non-binary trans-two-spirit and I am so excited to be the first Native Empowerment Coordinator! My goal for the position is to make sure our native and Indigenous students feel represented and serviced for as long as they are a member of our UCSB community. I can't wait until we get to know one another and get the chance to catch some waves or paint on the bluffs. Con Amor y Fuerza, Seneko Kakona.

Joey Medina | He/Him | Outreach Coordinator

Hello everyone! I am a Queer, Latinx, 4th year Sociology major with an Applied Psych minor, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I’ve been working at the center since my 2nd year and I am so thrilled and honored to be the Outreach Coordinator for 2020-2021! With this position, I hope to serve as liaison between the center and all of campus to make sure that the needs for Queer and Trans students are met. I want to unify our different organization so we can work towards a better university for all, especially for our BIQTPOC family. I love talking about weird, niche topics and watching horror movies on Netflix, and I hope to speak to you soon!

Anastasia | They/She | QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator

Hi! My name is Anastasia (they/she), and I’m a Queer, Black, 4th year Sociology Major and Black Stiudies Minor. This is my second year at the RCSGD and I'm so excited to be your QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator for 2020-21! I really wanted to work at the RCSGD to be able to create events and spaces that students, especially QTPOC, need. I want to serve as a resource that can work with you to get your demands met, and take some of that unpaid labor off your shoulders.  I hope to create a strong sense of community that fosters resiliency and joy, even if it is done virtually. I am interested in cosplaying, music, sewing, and makeup and am so excited to get to know you. Hope to see you in Empowerment hours!



Marco | He/Him/His | Volunteer Coordinator

Hello, my name is Marco and I am the Volunteer Coordinator! I am a third-year Psychology Major originally from Southern California. I started working at the RCSGD last year as an Office Assistant before taking on the Volunteer Coordinator role this year. I chose to continue working at the RCSGD because this is a community space where I get to work with other Queer and/or Trans Folk to help students build their skills as scholars and activists. As a Queer and Trans Latino man, I hope to help QT BIPOC folks navigate their time UCSB and beyond. Come talk to me about the Volunteer Program and/or anything QT related. 

Aryn Amezcua | He/They/El | Trans Empowerment Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Aryn and I use he/they/el pronouns. I am a 5th year queer, Latinx, trans man majoring in history and minoring in applied psychology. I've been working at the RCSGD for 3 years now and I am returning for my 2nd year as the Trans Empowerment Coordinator. My goals for this year are to provide empowering spaces for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming students to continue to explore themselves and live authentically wherever they are residing, foster a community over zoom where we can support one another, and continue to expand and create accessible resources. When I'm not at work you can catch me singing along to my favorite pop-punk tunes with my cat, Princess Leia. Please stop by the trans discussion group or my office hours to say hi or to meet my cat!



Alex | He/Him | Education Coordinator

Hi! My name is Alex (he/him) and I am a third year double major in Sociology and History of Public Policy and Law. The RCSGD was where I found a sense of community in my first two years at UCSB so I am very excited to now be working at the center! As the Education Coordinator, my goals for the year are to expand LGBTQ+ education to various departments on campus to make UCSB a more welcoming space. In my free time I like to read, play video games, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Julia Samuel | They/She | Marketing Coordinator

Hey <3 I am a 4th year Sociology major and Feminist studies minor who loves all things Halloween, art, and podcasts. I identify as queer, black, and biracial! This is my first year working at the RCSGD, and I will be working to make all of our services accessible and engaging for the whole community to enjoy. I am excited to showcase the creativity and hard work of all the new people I connect with along the way! 


Anusikha | She/Her|Hers | Office Assistant

My name is Anusikha (pronounced Anushika), my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I’m a second-year English major! I’m also Bisexual/Queer, Desi (Bengali to be specific!), and it is my first year working at the RCSGD. I am so excited to be an Office Assistant and get to guide y’all to what the center offers and can do for you. That’s exactly what I hope to do with this position- guiding y’all to the resources, spaces, events, and people you need. I especially have a focus on our Queer Trans Asian Pacific Islander Desi students but want to help the QTPOC (and QT) community as a whole at UCSB. I’m interested in a lot of things (poetry, music, baking… I could go on) so I promise we’ll connect on something! I look forward to getting to know all of y’all.


RCSGD 2020-2021 Staff Profile Pics - Fatima

Fatima | They/Them | Office Assistant

Hello! My name is Fatima pronouns they/them. I’m a third year pre-Applied Mathematics major! This is my first year working as an Office Assistant at the RCSGD. I’m excited to help the RCSGD and University be loving and accepting for all LGBTQ+ people. I am part of Greek life as well, so if that is something that interests you to have any questions about I’m always here to answer questions!

Michaela Allen | She/Her/Hers | Native and Indigenous Empowerment Peer

Dago'te shiichiiooni, shii Michaela! Hello friends, my name is Michaela Allen and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I am a proud Lipan Apache from San Benito, Texas and a descendant of the Lemhi Shoshone. I am a 4th year queer, Two Spirit spirit student majoring in communication and sociology. This is my first year at the RCSGD and I am excited to serve as a resource for Native and Indigenous LGBTQ2S+ students. My goal for this year is to bring awareness and advocacy to Indigenous/Two Spirit issues and identities. When I am not working or in class, I love to listen to podcasts, make beaded jewelry, or play with my cats (Zucchini and Pickles). I am excited to meet you all and hope to see you at Two Spirit Empowerment Hours!

RCSGD 2020-2021 Staff Profile Pics