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UCSB's LGBTQ Mentoring Program connects undergraduate students to LGBTQ-identified staff, faculty and graduate students for support and empowerment throughout the year. Students seeking a mentor should contact the RCSGD to submit an interest form. Below are a few of our campus' out and active faculty and staff, and for students who want to connect with LGBTQ-identified faculty/staff more broadly can inquire within our center. We are here to support you!


YASMIN QUIGLEY Assistant Judicial Affairs Coordinator, UCSB Residential & Community Living

UCSB MEANS TO ME... UCSB helped me on my journey towards self discovery and relationship building. As a former UCSB student, I am grateful to look back at my experiences and recount the many ways I was able to get involved. These opportunities ranged from work, academics, athletics, research, and various other leadership opportunities.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY I serve as a mentor through the RCSGD’s LGBTQ mentor program. Being someone who identifies within the community, I have made it a point to connect with current students on topics of identity development and support services. I strive towards reminding our students of the importance of self-care, acceptance, and discovery. Be willing to make friends and foster the relationships that uplift you. Take advantage of resources such as CAPS. Take care of yourselves first and the rest will surely follow..


OMER BLAES Professor, Department of Physics

RESEARCH INTERESTS Theoretical astrophysics, particularly the dynamics and thermodynamics of accretion flows onto black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs. I also love learning physics and teaching at all levels.

UCSB ENVIRONMENT UCSB has been a terrific environment to be a professor due to its outstanding faculty and students. The very high standards and expectations on this campus have helped me maintain an active research program, and students and colleagues have continually stretched me intellectually.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY I am a very strong supporter of access to education, and enabling people to reach their highest aspirations, regardless of who they are. As someone who is gay himself, I have a responsibility and interest in helping people in this community as best as I can.


TANIA ISRAEL Professor, Department of Counseling, Clinical & School Psychology

UCSB ENViRONMENT UCSB has provided me with an academic home in which I can teach, conduct research, and mentor students within LGBTQ communities and/or in applied psychology. My passions include researching interventions to support the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ people and the intersections of gender, sexuality, and ethnicity.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY I am an openly bisexual faculty member who does research on LGBTQ issues, and I’ve been actively engaged with Eucalyptus (the campus committee on LGBT concerns) for many years. My motivation is to eliminate barriers and generate support for LGBTQ people so we can all reach our highest potential. I have studied experiences of LGBTQ people in therapy, trained law enforcement on LGBTQ issues, and developed online interventions to reduce internalized stigma for LGBTQ people, among other things.


MARIO MUÑOZ Associate Director, Residential Placement & Assignment Services

UCSB MEANS TO ME... As an alumnus and staff member for more than 20 years, UCSB has been central to my development and success. I was born in Santa Barbara and even attended Isla Vista Elementary School. There was never any question for me that I would attend UCSB, even though no one in my family had ever been to college. It’s a big part of my identity.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY I have extensive interaction with LGBTQ students around housing issues. In particular, I meet personally with trans* students that have university-owned housing contracts to facilitate how to best meet the needs related to their individual context. I also often interact with students concerned with ensuring their housing situation feels safe. I’m also active in Eucalyptus and the Transgender Taskforce.

ADVICE FOR STUDENTS Get connected. Utilize resources. Be social. Have passion. Get involved. Stay active. Enjoy the amazing environment. Budget your time wisely. Make your academics a top priority.

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