Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity




 Communication & Feminist Studies, Class of 2015

WHY UCSB? I had the opportunity to come to UCSB as a junior in high school as part of the Black Student Union’s Outreach Program. I fell in love with the Black community at UCSB and the environment surrounding the campus.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY The LGBTQ community at UCSB is very diverse. We have a lot of cultural and social organizations that target specific intersections of the LGBTQ population. It provides a great balance of education, community and politics.



Feminist Studies & Chican@ Studies, Class of 2017

WHY UCSB? What drew my interest was the sunny weather and gorgeous views of the mountains and beach. As a queer Chicanx, my goals are to create positive changes for marginalized sexual and gender identities, which I have worked towards at UCSB.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY I love the sense of community that LGBTQ identified folks have built. It not only helps us cope with our struggles but provides empowerment through the care for one another.



 Sociology & Asian Studies, Class of 2016
The people I’ve met at UCSB from classes, residence life, work and organizations are bright, beautiful and amazing and make me love being here. The classes I take are fun and engaging too with some truly great professors!

LGBTQ COMMUNITY I think our queer community is huge and strong. We all have unique stories and experiences and learn from one another. As a transgender identified, queer person, I want to make it easier for not only myself, but also all LGBTQ community members to exist in different spaces safely and comfortably.



Literature, Class of 2015

WHY UCSB? I chose UCSB because of the College of Creative Studies. The department felt like a cross between a liberal arts college with the benefits of a public university — the best of both worlds!

HOW ARE YOU INVOLVED AT UCSB? I work at both the Multicultural Center and the RCSGD. Both centers not only offer a study space/lounge area for Queer and Students of Color, but also offer weekly education programming. I am Co-chair of La Familia de Colores, the only Queer, Xican@/Latin@ organization at UCSB. I also studied abroad in Lima, Peru the fall of my senior year.

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