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Trans Task Force

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The Trans Task Force is a committee of UCSB students, faculty, staff, and administrators who are committed to making our university more welcoming for trans and nonbinary students. Convened by the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity, the mission of the Trans Task Force is to ensure that UCSB is an inclusive, supportive, and safe place for people of all gender identities and expressions. This task force held its first meeting on January 8, 2014, and has been working to improve campus ever since. 

Want to get involved? Email Craig Leets, Trans Task Force Convener, if you are interested in joining this committee or supporting our work at

Current Members

Alex, undergraduate student, History and Sociology

Aryn Amezcua*, undergraduate student, RCSGD

Angie Magañastaff, Student Health Services

Betsy Malear, staff, Student Health Services

Candice Perezstaff, MultiCultural Center

Craig Leets*,  staff, RCSGD

Des Alaniz, faculty, Library

Dwayne Mosbey*, staff, RCSGD

Han Koehle, staff, SHS/H&W/CAPS

Holly Chadwin, staff, Admissions

Jack Rivas, staff, College of Letters & Science

Karen Dias, staff, CAPS

Katherine Abad, staff, HR

Lal Zimman*, faculty, Linguistics

Mario Muñoz*, staff, Residential & Community Living

Natalie Armistead, staff, Financial Aid

Quinn Rioz*, staff, RCSGD

Ryan George, staff, Library

Sarah Parsons, staff, Registrar

Shereen Barr, staff, Student Health Services

Tamsin German, faculty, Psychology

Tricia Taylor, staff, Communication

Whitney Ater, staff, Phelps Hall Administrative Support Center

*Subcommittee Chair


  • Names & Pronouns in University Systems
  • All Gender Restrooms
  • Curriculum Updates
  • Housing
  • Health Equity Initiative
  • Communications and Outreach
  • Student Subcommittee


Single Stall Restroom Conversion

In June 2015 the UC Office of the President revised the UC Facilities Manual Resource Directory Chapter 4 Section 1 on Providing Gender Inclusive Facilities to require that a gender inclusive restroom is provided in all new construction and renovation of UC-owned buildings. Additionally, this revision required UC campuses to convert all single-use restrooms to all-gender-inclusive by changing existing signage from gender-specific to all-gender. Two months later, UC Santa Barbara issued the Gender-Inclusive, ADA-Accessible, and Family-Friendly Facilities Policy to comply with the guidelines from the Office of the President. 

In an effort to ensure we are in compliance with the above bylaws we need YOUR help! If you spot, a single-stall restroom on campus without proper all-gender restroom signage, please fill out the form below so that way we can work on getting that signage changed!

Trans Task Force Meeting Minutes & Notes

Title Type Size
TTF Fall 2020 Minutes pdf 71 KB Download
TTF Fall 2019 Minutes pdf 83 KB Download
TTF Spring 2020 Update pdf 107 KB Download
TTF Winter 2020 Minutes pdf 96 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 4-01-19 pdf 48 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 2-27-19 pdf 53 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 1-30-19 pdf 287 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 12-19-18 pdf 48 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 11-28-18 pdf 70 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 10-24-18 pdf 45 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 9-6-18 pdf 53 KB Download
Trans Task Force Agenda and Notes - 8-2-18 pdf 48 KB Download