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UCSB Library and RCSGD Zine Making Club

Third Thursday Monthly Starting February 17th | 12PM to 1PM |

For room password, please contact our Program Coordinator, Dwayne Mosbey (he/him), at or one of the librarians listed below.

Interested in submitting a design for the Zine Making Club?

Submit here.


In need of materials to create your own Zine? Fill out a form here and we will reach out to you shortly!

Zine Making Club

What are zines?

Zines (pronounced "zeens" like "magazines") are do-it-yourself publications, made from collections of images and text, and distributed by the creator or zinester themselves. Zines are created out of love, not for profit, and are focused on a wide array of topics. Some types of zines are perzines (personal narrative zines), collaborative zines (with multiple zinesters/contributors), and fanzines (zines about a specific band, show, artist, scene, or creator).

Zine Making Club at UCSB during COVID-19

  1. Attend our first zine-making club over Zoom on Wednesday, February 17 from 12:00-1:00PM PST over Zoom! Attendance is optional and the event will be recorded. In this session, we will
    1. explain the process of contributing to the Quaranzine
    2. cover tools to make your e-zines
    3. talk about taking good photos of your physical pages (if you go that route) and how to upload for inclusion in the zine
    4. Missed the first session? Find the recording on our YouTube and Spring 2020 Zine Club Slides!
  2. Drop in to Zine Making Club on February 17 and March 17 from 12:00-1:00PM PST to work on or share your pages with folx and take some time to be creative.
  3. While we will miss the face to face bonding and interactions that happens when we are creating together, we hope to create a similar environment over Zoom by holding monthly zine-making sessions, where you all can join and chat about your zines, tools you've found to be fun, and share how you're doing.
    1. If you don’t have zine supplies at home, contact the RCSGD to have a zine kit mailed to you!
    2. Fill out the form here
  4. Submit your pages when complete to the quaranzine submission form here!
  5. Submissions for the Zine Club Quaranzine will be accepted on an ongoing, rolling basis.

Zine Making Tools

Online Editors

Flipsnack (digital flipbook maker using pdfs)

Issuu (digital magazine maker)

Glimpse (open source image editor)

Scribus (open source desktop publishing program)

Canva (digital flyer/magazine maker)

Adobe Scan app (scan physical zine and upload online)


Des Alaniz

Evolving Workforce Resident Librarian

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs


Paige Sundstrom

Evolving Workforce Resident Librarian

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers