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Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal Relationships

Relationship Difficulties

UCSB Mental Health Peers

Tackling the Challenges in Romantic Relationships: Good romantic partners help you to feel significant, loved, and cared for, and help you to feel confident, take risks, and feel supported. Students often wonder about how to establish a solid foundation in a romantic relationship and communicate effectively with one another. Sometimes they struggle in deciding whether a romantic relationship is good for them or whether it perhaps would be better if it ended. Check out this page to consider the qualities of a healthy romantic relationship, gain insights into how to effectively communicate, and make decisions that are healthy for you.

Navigating Difficulties in Friendships: Your friendships are an important part of your college experience. Friends accompany you on your adventures and they provide an important source of support when things get challenging. But, even the closest friends can have difficulties communicating with one another, they can argue and hurt one another, and/or grow distant. Check out this page to learn more about the qualities of a good friendship, gain insights into how to effectively communicate your needs, and decide about the extent to which you invest your energy in a friendship.

Dating and Relationships in the Queer Community: Many LGBTQ students find it difficult to meet others in the community, whether they are just interested in developing friendships or they are interested in dating. Dating can be an exciting adventure but it can also be pretty anxiety-provoking. Dating is particularly challenging when you first come out and/or when you are uncertain about aspects of your gender or sexual identity. You aren't alone in finding dating hard!

Relationship Violence Prevention

Dating violence refers to conduct by a person who is or has been in an emotional relationship that intentionally, or recklessly causes bodily injury to a partner or place the partner in reasonable fear of serious bodily injury. Domestic violence has the same definition except that the conduct is by a current or former spouse or an intimate partner, or a person with whom the student shares a child in common.

Distressed Student Guide

Lists campus resources, defines physical and sexual violence, domestic violence, and dating violence, and lists the do’s and don’t’s of what to do when becoming aware that a student is in an abusive relationship.

CAPS Interpersonal Violence

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