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Welcome to the Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity at UCSB!


The RCSGD, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Resource Building, works with students, staff and faculty to ensure that LGBTQ identities, experiences and concerns are represented and addressed at UCSB. The center aims to create a vibrant and engaging environment through social and educational programming, volunteer and leadership opportunities, a comfortable and welcoming social and study space, and professional and student staff members for support and advocacy. The RCSGD hopes that all LGBTQ students can thrive at UCSB, feeling safe, affirmed and valued on campus!

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In Response To The Current COVID-19 Situation

[Full Response & List Of Resources]

In light of recent events, we at the RCSGD are here to support you during these trying times. The lounge will continue to be closed this week because the Student Resource Building is closed. However, all of the RCSGD staff will continue to work and be available to students moving forward. Although staff may not be physically in the RCSGD, we will continue to work remotely to support UCSB LGBTQIA+ students. For a full list of resources and contact information, please click the link above!

RCSGD staff encourage you to reach out to schedule individual video or phone calls. You can contact staff at their email address to schedule:

Quinn Solis (they.them), Associate Director,

Dwayne Mosbey (he.him), Program Coordinator,

Eugene Riordan (he.him), Graduate Student Assistant,

Craig Leets (he.him), Director,

Monica (she.they.elle), QTPOC Empowerment Coordinator,

Aryn (he.they), Trans Empowerment Coordinator,

Joey (he.him), Outreach Coordinator, 

Alex (she.they), Volunteer Coordinator,

Adrian (they.them), Education Coordinator,

RCSGD staff will post an update through social media and on the RCSGD website ( when we learn that the RCSGD Lounge will reopen. Please do not hesitate to reach out to staff for support, resources, or simply to say “Hello.” These are challenging times, so it is important for us to be there for each other and for our community. You can share ideas for community engagement and connection with any of the RCSGD staff.






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