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RCSGD Library

RCSGD Library

UCSB Students, Staff, and Faculty are able to check out materials from the RCSGD Library. If they would like a different name than the name on their ID recorded, record the name they provide you, then, in brackets, type [Not ID]. Books are able to be checked out for 2 weeks with a max of 4 books at any given time. 3 E-Mails are sent to Borrowers for courtesy reminders and notices.

1) 2 Days before its due;

2) The day its Due;

3) IF not returned 1 Week after due, send email & place their account on HOLD .

The RCSGD library is split into several categories.

Each category begins with periodicals/encyclopedias and then is organized in alphabetical order except for Graphic Novels which are organized by issue.

HIV/AIDS // Fiction // Academic*// Academic Readers // Media

Self Help // Anthologies // Erotica // Family // Graphic Novels

Poetry // Biography/Memoirs // Miscellaneous // Hxstory 

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