Welcome to Trans@UCSB, a navigational guide for trans* and gender diverse students at UC Santa Barbara.

This collection of resources, recommendations, referrals, advice, and step-by-step instructions is intended to help students navigate gender exploration and transition on our campus.

Trans@UCSB can be navigated on this page or downloaded as a PDF.


The term "trans*" is used frequently throughout this resource as an umbrella term for transgender, transexual, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, gender questioning, and gender curious individuals. While we use this word to reference the shared experience of gender exploration, we encourage students to utilize this guide regardless of identity. We would also like to acknowledge that the process of transitioning varies widely by person. If, when, how, and why you decide to transition is completely up to you. Whatever your process looks like, your experience is valid and welcomed here at UCSB!


UCSB staff are here to provide support and guidance throughout your journey. If you have any edits, suggestions, resource requests, or unanswered questions after reviewing Trans@UCSB, please reach out to


Check out our Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) page for detailed instructions.

Take a look at the non-surgical Gender-Affirming Procedures section to learn about hair removal options.

If you have UC SHIP and another insurance simultaneously, UC SHIP will default to your secondary insurance anywhere outside of Student Health. This means that your other insurance will be billed first before the remainder is sent to UC SHIP. If you would like UC SHIP to be your primary insurance coverage outside of Student Health, you will have to remove yourself from any other health insurance plans, including your parents’.

To learn more about the details of double coverage involving UC SHIP, please call the Student Health Insurance Office at (805) 893-2592, or email them through your Student Health Portal.

Due to FERPA and HIPAA guidelines, UCSB's Student Health Services cannot disclose your private medical information without your express permission. Unless you have signed a release of information or have otherwise given express permission for your medical information to be shared, your parents should not be able to access any of your health info. If your parent makes BARC payments, any prescriptions or services charged to your BARC account will be displayed only as "Student Health Services". If your parents' address is listed as your home address with the University, bills, prior authorization notices, or other health insurance related mail may be sent to that address. If you are listed on your parents’ or guardians' health insurance, the account owner may be able to access your billing and claims history.

It depends. For the most part, as a college student and adult, your parents have little access to records stored by the University. However, if you have granted your parents access to one of UCSB's systems or send them documents from UCSB that may have your name listed, it is possible they will see your lived name.

Please check the table on this page to see which names will/can be used in different campus systems.

For questions regarding gender-affirming products, please refer to our Gender Presentation page or reach out to our Health Equity Advocate.