Our LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Consultation Services are designed to support UCSB campus departments, student organizations, and programs in creating inclusive, affirming, and welcoming environments for all students, faculty, and staff, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, or gender expression. 

We aim to empower the campus community to become leaders in LGBTQIA+ inclusion, fostering a diverse and equitable campus community. We strongly believe that together, we can create a campus where all LGBTQIA+ individuals can thrive and reach their full potential.

Service Overview

Sharing Best Practices & Resources

The RCSGD staff provides best practices, feedback, suggestions and next steps for your department or student organization to create inclusive environments for LGBTQIA+ people.

Collaboration inquiries and event support

The RCSGD staff provides organization and department consultations on event planning, collaborations, co-sponsorships, and marketing that promote LGBTQIA+ empowerment and provide a sense of belonging on campus.

Training and Workshops

The RCSGD staff offers Queer Trans Identities & Experiences Seminars (QTies) on LGBTQIA+ cultural competency, inclusive language, and best practices. 

QTie Seminars

Support for Student Organizations

The RCSGD staff provides advice and support LGBTQIA+ student organizations and clubs to help them thrive as hubs of inclusivity and activism on campus.

Visibility and Awareness Campaigns

The RCSGD staff helps departments and student organizations develop and implement awareness campaigns to celebrate LGBTQIA+ history, important events, and awareness months.

We can also support Pride events and initiatives on campus.