Medical transition is a process in which someone makes physical changes to their body to better reflect their gender. Common forms of medical transition include hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and a variety of gender-affirming surgeries. Medical transition is less common than social transition as it is often more expensive, less reversible, and difficult to access. Medical transition looks different for everyone and is not a requirement to identify as trans*. In fact, many trans* people don’t seek medical transition at all. There are many ways to medically transition and all are valid. Explore this section to learn about what steps to take to acquire gender-affirming medical care at UCSB!

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Accessing hormone replacement therapy in Santa Barbara.


Coordinating gender-affirming surgeries and insurance.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Insurance guidelines for non-surgical, gender-affirming procedures.

Medical Financial Help

Grants and other help paying for medical expenses.

Advocacy and Navigation

Who to go to for help and questions.