Social Worker

If you have unanswered questions or need assistance in navigating UC SHIP, you can schedule a meeting with a social worker

Shereen Barr

Shereen Barr (she/her) is our main contact for questions about trans* healthcare coverage under UC SHIP. She can help with questions about insurance coverage (what is covered/how much), provide a list of in-network providers/surgeons, and explain how to obtain pre-authorization for surgeries. She can also refer you to other health insurance resources as needed and facilitate communication between you and UC SHIP. There are two ways to schedule a meeting with Shereen:

Student Health Portal:

  1. Login to SHS portal/gateway
  2. Go to “Messages”
  3. Click “New Message”
  4. Click “Student Health Service”
  5. Click “Message your Mental Healthcare Provider” under the “Mental Health” section
  1. Repeat step 5 for following page
  2. Click “Select Recipient”
  3. Find Shereen Barr and send her a message
  4. Subject could be “Trans Healthcare Insurance Questions” or whatever else you might need


  1. Call Behavioral Health Office Manager at 805-893-3371
  2. Request an appointment with Shereen Barr

Health Equity Advocate

If you need help with access or navigation regarding healthcare, health insurance, gender transition, gender-affirming products, medical discrimination, or any other health equity concern, reach out to UCSB’s Health Equity Advocate.

The HEA can answer questions, provide one-on-one support, help with system navigation, refer you to resources, and advocate on your behalf across campus. Schedule a 30-minute or 50-minute meeting via Shoreline or email at

The Health Equity Advocate also runs the Gender Product Library — an educational resource for students interested in gender-affirming products. You can book a Gender Product Library viewing appointment here.

Trans Empowerment Coordinator

The Trans Empowerment Coordinator is an RCSGD student staff position dedicated to empowering and advocating for trans* and nonbinary students. They facilitate trans* friendly spaces and events through the RCSGD and provide one-on-one support for trans* students. If you would like to discuss gender, coming out, trans* resources, event ideas, or any other trans-related questions, you can email them at