Gender presentation usually refers to the way one presents their gender visually. Gender presentation may involve hair, body shape, clothing, or accessories. One’s voice, mannerisms, and the way they take up space may also play a role in how they present their gender to the world.

If you’re just starting out with exploring gender expression, check out our Beginner's Guide to Gender Euphoria.


Shear Envy

  • Located in Goleta/Santa Barbara
  • Basic cut price: $40

The Edge

  • Located in Goleta
  • Basic cut price range: $40-60


  • Locations in Isla Vista and Montecito
  • Basic cut price range: $35-55

The Only Alloy

  • Located in Isla Vista
  • Basic cut price range: $30-45

Coastland Santa Barbara

  • Locations in Downtown Santa Barbara
    and Montecito
  • Basic cut price: $50

Full Spiral Salon

  • Located in Downtown Santa Barbara
  • Specialize in curly and natural hair
  • Cut starting price range: $250-450

Gender-Affirming Product Library (GPL)

Gender-affirming products can be costly and are often only available to purchase online. It can be difficult to figure out what size, style, and brand to buy when you can't see the products in person. Our Gender Product Library offers an opportunity for students to see, touch, and ask questions about a wide variety of gender-affirming products. To view our Gender Product Library, schedule a viewing appointment with our Health Equity Advocate. They can also help you choose what types, sizes, styles, and brands might be right for you. We want you to feel confident and excited about affirming your gender! 

Refer to our Gender Product Spreadsheet to see what products we currently have available for viewing. Our items include binders, gaffs, shapewear, packers, penis prosthetics, breast forms, auto-injectors, prosthetic nipples, binding tape, tucking tape, padding, STPs, sex toys, wigs, and dilators. 

Items in the library are only for reference/education and unfortunately cannot be taken home by students. You do not have to identify as trans* to view this library.


Gender Affirming Product Program

UCSB's Gender Affirming Product Program (GAPP) is a 5-year program funded by the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC). This program aims to provide free gender-affirming products for trans*, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning students who may have difficulty accessing these supplies on their own. If any obstacles (finances, logistics, safety, etc.) have prevented you from obtaining safe and effective gender-affirming items, please check out this interest form. Applications will open at the start of each quarter (fall, winter, and spring) and will close once funds have been exhausted for that quarter.


Binder Exchange Program

The RCSGD’s Binder Exchange Program is a way for trans* folks at UCSB to pass their binders on to students in need. If you are in need of a binder and can’t afford to buy one, please contact the Trans Empowerment Coordinator at If you no longer need your binder or have a binder that no longer fits you, please consider donating to this program so we can continue to provide free binders to students in need. Donations can be coordinated with or dropped off at the RCSGD front desk (3rd floor of the SRB).

Gender-Affirming Product Mini-grants

The RCSGD is able to provide mini-grants* to students who cannot afford gender-affirming items. The RCSGD can also help if you are unable to safely order/receive a gender-related product without being outed or questioned. If you need help purchasing a gender-affirming item, please reach out to the RCSGD at and specify what kind of help you need (financial, discretionary, logistical, etc.).

*Mini-grants must be awarded through the financial aid office and therefore, have the potential to minorly impact your existing financial aid. If you have concerns about financial aid impact, email

Voice Training

If you have UC SHIP and would like to see a licensed speech pathologist, please reach out to your primary care physician for a referral. Our recommended in-network licensed speech pathologists are Lisa Bolden at UCLA and Katherine Yung at SF Voice. There are no in-network providers for UC SHIP in the Santa Barbara area but voice therapy is frequently and easily conducted via video chat. 

If you would prefer a free option or want to avoid going through insurance, you can check out the voice training classes offered by the Los Angeles LGBTQ Center’s Trans* Lounge every few months. Events are free, but you must register as a Trans* Lounge member to access their calendar.