Exploring your gender identity is a common way to learn more about yourself and does not necessarily designate you as trans. We welcome any student questioning their gender to enter our trans* spaces so they have the support and resources to explore what gender means to them.

If you are unsure how you feel about your gender, try filling out this Gender Exploration Worksheet (make a copy). If you are curious about gender expression, but aren't sure where to start, check out our Beginner's Guide to Gender Euphoria.

If you would like to discuss gender with a licensed therapist, CAPS offers short term counseling with LGBTQ+ clinicians. If you would like to discuss gender with other trans* and nonbinary students, consider joining some of our trans* support spaces. For one-on-ones with trans* advocates, reach out to the Trans Empowerment Coordinator, Associate Director at the RCSGD, or Health Equity Advocate.