At UCSB, you must change your Lived name in multiple locations in order to keep your name consistent. It is possible to have your lived/preferred name on GOLD, Student Health Services, your Access Card, Umail, and NetID, regardless of your legal name. Here are the steps to change your name in each system, if you have NOT legally changed your name. 

Name Change InstructionsNames in Campus SystemsGender Recognition and Lived Name Policy


This will change your name on your class rosters and in most staff and faculty-facing systems. 

  • Log in to the “Identity Management System" with your NetID and password

  • Click on Profile and Settings
  • Click on Edit *Your Name*'s profile
  • Update the First, Middle, and Last Name fields with your lived name 
  • Click “Update Profile” on the bottom of the screen

Please note the following: 

  • If you are employed by the University, you must also follow these instructions to update your name in UCPath.
  • It may take a few days for this update to carry over to other systems (like Student Health). Some UC systems require the collection and storage of legal name information (e.g. Student Health, Financial Aid, etc.). While your legal name is still accessible by select departments for very specific reasons, your lived name will be your default name across campus wherever possible.
  • If you have provided proxy access or login information to any UC systems (e.g. BARC eBill) to an authorized user such as a friend or family member, note that your lived name information may be visible to them. If you would not like authorized users to see your lived name, you can either change your lived name back to your legal name OR remove all proxy access for your authorized users.If you change your name mid-term, it might not be reflected on the class roster which were most likely printed in the beginning of the quarter. It is encouraged that you talk to your instructors about your new name change so they can reflect it on the class roster.


  • Log into the Identity Management System with your NetID and password
  • Click on Profile and Settings
  • Click on Edit “Your Name” profile
  • Update the Pronouns field
  • Click “Update Profile” on the bottom of the screen

Most settings in your Canvas account are populated by the UCSB Identity Management System, including first and last name, pronouns, and default email. However, if you have changed any of this information in Identity Management System and it does not automatically update in Canvas, you can manually change some of this information, including pronouns, in Canvas under Settings.

You can change your name or picture on your Access Card using the Access Card Request form:

  • Change your Lived Name in Identity Management first 
  • Go to the Access Card Request Form
  • Sign in using your UCSB email
  • Select "New Access Card"

  • Fill out form using your lived name as it appears in other Campus Identity Systems
  • Submit the form

After submitting the form, please allow 24 for printing before visiting the Access Distribution Window outside the University Center entrance to the Campus Store to pick up your card.  Per the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy, the $30 reissue fee will be waived for students' first Access Card reissue. Subsequent replacements will be subject to the $30 fee.

For more information, please visit the access card website. If you are having trouble changing your Access Card, contact the RCSGD.

Once you email someone on Gmail, the display name for your email address is saved in that person's local contacts list. Even if you update your name in GOLD, it will continue to show the original name assigned to that email. This is something that only Google can fix and is beyond the scope of our campus.

If you want to change your Gmail domain name the steps are below:

  • Go to the Google home page

  • Click on Google apps on the upper right hand corner (9 dots icon)

  • Click on “Account”

  • Click on “Personal Info” on the left side

  • Click on “Name”

  • Reenter your password

  • Click the edit pencil icon

  • Change your first and/or last name and click done

Aliases are other email address name configurations that link to the same address. You may have more than one email alias if you recently changed your NetID, name, or have changed your email before. If your name change requires updates to email address aliases, please submit a help ticket to request alias updates.

If you want to request a change to your UCSB Net ID please call 805-893-5000 to have the IT Service Desk assist you. The IT Service Desk will submit a ticket on your behalf to request your change.

Students can choose to have either their lived or legal name displayed on their diploma. Degree candidates can view and edit their diploma name in GOLD by selecting the Graduation and Commencement link under the Progress tab. Please note that diplomas printed with one's lived name will not be compatible with degree verification systems (used by third parties such as employers or foreign countries' visa programs). Please refer to the Diploma Information Page for more detailed information on diplomas and name usage.

Alumni who have changed their name legally since graduating may request a replacement diploma for a fee. 

Osnium, the CARE internal system, is based solely off of information gathered on the CARE intake form. Students, faculty, and staff survivors can utilize whichever name, pronoun, or identity they are most comfortable with at the time of the intake appointment. If one’s name or pronouns have changed during the course of advocacy services, CARE clients can speak with their advocate directly, call (805) 893-4613 between 9am- 12pm and 1pm-5pm and ask to update their information in our database system, or email the change to at anytime.

Preferred Name

CalFresh is a federally funded nutrition assistance program so a legal name is required to apply. However, the application has a section where you can provide a "preferred name". This name should be seen on your CalFresh documents and by your case worker. If you have any questions about the application process, reach out to a UCSB CalFresh advocate


Legal Name Change

If you’ve completed a legal name change, there are two ways to update your name with CalFresh. Proof via official documentation are required for both:

  1. Through UCSB - Reach out to, explain that you have legally changed your name and would like to change it with CalFresh. Attach documented proof (court order or official gov documents). They will send it to the county to process (takes anywhere between 1-7 business days) and the assigned case worker will call you to verify the information. The changes should be reflected soon after.

  2. Through Santa Barbara County - Submit a change of information form to the Benefits Service Center through DSS Octopus - the county's secure document system. Include your name change documents with your submission and follow up with a phone call to the Benefits Service Center once it is uploaded to verify receipt of documents (1(844) 289-4682) menu option 3). The form should be processed in roughly 1-7 business days.

The Deadname Remover Extension is an easy to use Google Chrome plugin to automatically remove and replace deadnames on your screen only. Once installed, a page will open to allow you to set your name options. To edit these at any time, click the Deadname Remover logo at the top right of your screen.