Regardless of where you are in your exploration of gender, the following resources and staff members can offer support.


The RCSGD career staff offers one-on-one support to students on a variety of topics including legal name and gender change, campus advocacy, discrimination, LGBTQ community needs, resource referral, student organizations, and more.

Check out our staff page to schedule a meeting!

The RCSGD also offers confidential resources for those who have experienced interpersonal violence.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Group Counseling/Support Groups

CAPS runs three LGBTQ therapy groups:

  • TransFormative - Support group for Trans* and Nonbinary students
  • True Selves - Support group for LGBTQIA+ students
  • Inqueery - Support group for LGBTQIA+ graduate students

Check out which groups are currently active and how to sign up on the CAPS website.


UCSB's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides free mental health services to active UCSB students and has therapists equipped to support the Trans* community! CAPS primarily provides short-term therapy, but they can also help you find a long-term provider that takes your insurance. Call CAPS at (805) 893-4411 for an intake appointment. To be paired with an LGBTQ+ clinician, indicate your interest in LGBTQ+ specific counseling during your intake.

Health Equity Advocate

If you need help with access or navigation regarding gender transition, gender-affirming products, healthcare, health insurance, medical discrimination, or any other health equity concern, reach out to UCSB's Health Equity Advocate. The HEA can answer questions, provide one-on-one support, help with system navigation, refer you to resources, and advocate on your behalf across campus.

The Health Equity Advocate also runs the Gender Product Library — an educational resource for students interested in gender-affirming products. Schedule a 30-minute or 50-minute meeting via Shoreline or email at

You can also book a Gender Product Library viewing appointment.

Trans Empowerment Coordinator

The Trans Empowerment Coordinator is an RCSGD student staff position dedicated to empowering and advocating for trans* and nonbinary students. They facilitate trans* friendly spaces and events through the RCSGD and provide one-on-one support for trans* students. If you would like to discuss gender, coming out, trans* resources, event ideas, or any other trans-related questions, you can email them at

Interpersonal Violence Support

Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (CARE) provides services for the prevention and intervention of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and harassment. All services are free, confidential, and available to students, staff, and faculty of all identities. If you would like to speak to someone at CARE, you can make an appointment. If you need immediate assistance, please call their 24/7 emergency line at (805)893-4613

CARE is a confidential resource, meaning they are not required to report any information to Title IX or the Clery act. The RCSGD also has a confidential resource available.

Bias Incidents

If you experience discrimination, hate, or violence on/near campus pertaining to your gender identity or presentation, please consider filing a bias incident report. You may submit a bias report for yourself or on behalf of the impacted party. You have the right to remain anonymous if you choose. 

If you would like to walk through the reporting process with a staff member, please email

If your bias incident is related to healthcare or health entities on/near campus, please contact the Health Equity Advocate to discuss advocacy needs and reporting options.