Community involvement is a wonderful way to form support networks and access resources. The following groups and spaces are open to trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning students at and around UCSB.

Trans Empowerment Hours

Trans Empowerment Hours are a weekly social space for trans, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and gender questioning students to gather in community. Each week has a different theme or activity (e.g. game nights, crafts, field trips, etc.). To see what the Trans Empowerment Coordinator has planned for this quarter, check out the RCSGD on Shoreline!

If you have feedback or ideas about trans* centered programming at UCSB, please fill out this Trans* Feedback Form.

Trans and GNC Talks - Gender Discussion Group

Trans and GNC Talks are weekly discussion groups facilitated by the RCSGD which offer a  trans-run, community-based support option for trans*, nonbinary, gender-non-conforming, and gender questioning students. Trans and GNC Talks are a great place for students who are questioning their gender, thinking about transitioning, seeking resources, or wanting to spend time with other gender diverse folks!

Check out the RCSGD on Shoreline for details and event registration.

For questions email the Trans* Empowerment Coordinator at or join the Trans@UCSB group chat.

Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network (SBTAN)

The Santa Barbara Transgender Advocacy Network is Santa Barbara's largest community-based trans organization. Check out their website for local resources and ways to get involved! SBTAN is also responsible for local trans programming! They host weekly trans social and discussion spaces through Lisa’s Place.

Online Spaces

There are a few online community spaces for trans* and queer students at UCSB, mostly run by other students!

Trans@USCB GroupMe

This chat is run by the RCSGD's Trans Empowerment Coordinator and offers a space for trans, nonbinary, gender-non-conforming, or gender questioning students to get connected. It is also a great place to stay up to date on Trans+ events, seek advice, and ask questions.

Transfem Discord Server

This student-run server is a great place to get connected with UCSB students who identify as trans-feminine.

LGBTQ+ UCSB Discord Server

This student-run server has many channels to chat, share events, plan meetups, and make friends. It is the largest LGBTQ+ chat at UCSB with over 500 members.

Other Ways to Get Involved

A.S. Trans and Queer Commission

The Trans and Queer Commission, or TQCOMM, is an entity of UCSB’s Associated Students (AS) dedicated to serving the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. TQCOMM provides funding and support for many of UCSB’s major LGBTQIA+ events. They also host UCSB’s Pride Week celebration every Spring! Reach out to TQCOMM if you want to receive funding for an event or bring an issue to the attention of student representatives. If you want to join the commission as a board member, keep an eye out for election announcements on their Instagram.