Medical transition can be expensive! There are a few UCSB specific grants and relief funds that might help you afford surgery. If you are concerned about being able to pay for your surgery, reach out to a UCSB social worker or talk to your surgery center about payment plans/charity options.

The AS/EOP Grant funds can be used to meet unusual expenses incurred by members of UCSB’s Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) for first-generation university students. To be eligible for the grant, a student must be an EOP member, enrolled at least half time, and receiving need-based financial aid. Medical expenses, including gender-affirming care, not covered in full by a student’s insurance can be covered by this grant. For medical procedures and appointments, EOP must pay the bill directly. For summer surgeries to be covered, the student must be enrolled in at least one summer session. Additionally, costs must be incurred within the current fiscal year (July 1st-June 31st) to apply.

To apply, students must make an appointment to see an EOP counselor. During the appointment the counselor will review eligibility and application requirements. If eligible, students will complete the application with the EOP counselor. Appointments may be scheduled on their website, by calling (805) 893-4758, or by visiting the EOP front desk in the Student Resource Building, Suite 221. We recommend starting your application as soon as you have an estimated cost. The application takes time to process and this grant tends to run out of funds by the end of the academic year

The Jack Canfield Student Medical Emergency Relief Fund (SMERF) provides grants to students with expenses related to medical, dental, psychological, and optical emergencies. For the purpose of this fund, a medical emergency is a condition, injury, or illness that poses a risk to a person’s life, long-term health, or well-being and requires timely intervention. Prescription or medical care costs related to ongoing, non-emergency conditions are NOT Covered. Gender-affirming surgeries have been covered in the past, but must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
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CMCAF exists to provide financial assistance, in the form of a grant, to UC SHIP students and enrolled dependents who are experiencing significant out-of-pocket medical expenses due to an unforeseen medical emergency. Grants may be requested for $500 up to the student’s out-of-pocket maximum ($6,600). If awarded, the student is encouraged to consult a tax professional.

Students can apply here at any time as long as they meet these eligibility requirements: 

  • Good financial standing (no UC student account balance) 
  • Medically necessary service (listed on the CMCAF FAQ)
  • Already acquired the service
  • Must have exhausted all other means of payment with proof of applying for Charity Care with the medical provider of service (copy of provider response required).

The EMH fund at UCSB is specifically intended to address the financial barriers which prevent students from accessing mental health resources. Some examples of costs associated with Mental Health include assessment & testing, medications, and co-pays that are not already covered by insurance. Other expenses related to accessing needed mental health services & supports may be considered. If you would like to be considered for this fund source in particular, please indicate "Mental Health" on the SMERF application under Type of Emergency.

CFF is a student-run organization and part of Associated Students. They promote financial literacy awareness and educate students on various personal finance topics. Their mission is to provide valuable knowledge to prepare students to become financially literate during college and maintain a lifetime of financial well-being.

The CFF grant is not need-based. All UCSB undergraduate students are welcome to apply. Each student applicant is eligible one time per fiscal year (from July 1st-June 30th). To apply, students must attend one of the quarterly Financial Literacy Workshops presented by members of the CFF Board.

Workshop attendees who pass the post-workshop quiz and submit a qualifying one-page essay addressing the workshop prompt will be eligible for a $200 grant, processed through the Office of Financial Aid. There will be a quarterly cap on funds distributed to ensure students applying later in the year have the same access to the grant as students who apply at the beginning of the year. Sign up for a quarterly workshop here.
Grant FAQ

Here is a list of scholarships and internships we’ve compiled. While these forms of assistance are not specifically medical, some of these funds may be used for medical costs or to ease other financial burdens.