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Queer Trans Identity & Experience Seminars (QTies)

Our Safe Zone Program has received a re-brand! The RCSGD is proud to announce our new training initiative: Queer Trans Identity & Experience Seminars (QTies).


QTie Seminars provide education about the queer and trans community which include Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ+) identities. LGBTQ+ is a common vernacular but does not fully represent the broad range of identies within the queer and trans community.  QTie Seminars will expose UCSB students, faculty, and staff to the multifaceted experiences and challenges the LGBTQ+ campus community faces in navigating higher education and beyond. Furthermore, participants will build empathy and compassion while understanding their unique roles in integrating queer and trans-affirming practices in their worksapces, residence halls, and student organizations. QTie Seminars are meant to enable participants to recognize that sexuality and gender are spectrums of orientation, attraction, identity, and experiences. The seminars are available to meet the unique needs of your specific department, organization, program, or student club!


QTie Seminars are designed to provide professional and personal development for students, faculty, and staff at UCSB regarding LGBTQ+ identities and experiences. With an awareness that all forms of oppression are inherently interconnected, these seminars will focus on LGBTQ+ identity, experience, and culture through a social justice and intersectional lens. Formerly known as the Safe Zone Program, QTies will provide one to two hour long seminars on how to better support the LGBTQ+ campus community and beyond.

If you would like to schedule QTie Seminars for the upcoming quarters, please contact Quinn Solis (pronouns:they.them), Associate Director of LGBT Resources, at

***If you have an old Safe Zone placard outside your office, please bring it inside your office as we will no longer be using that name.***

Seminar Types

Queer & Trans 101 Seminar

Duration: 1- 2 hours
**Due to the complexity of sexuality and gender, we recommend requesting the two hour seminar session.

The Queer & Trans 101 Seminar is an introduction to LGBTQ terminology and definitions. It seeks to build empathy to better support the LGBTQ campus community. Participants will learn the power and importance of language especially the importance of pronouns for transgender and gender non-conforming people. By the end of this seminar participants will have practical tools to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ campus community. 

Trans 101 Seminar

Duration: 1-2 hours

The Transgender 101 Seminar is an interactive introduction to the social construction of gender and will cover the spectrum of gender identities under the transgender unbrella. The seminar covers fundamental information about gender identity, gender expression, and sex with an intersectional lens. It will highlight the importance of language and provide the opportunity to practice pronoun usage. It will begin the conversation about what it means to be transgender, and how students, faculty, and staff can be active advocates in combating transphobia at UCSB and beyond.