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Bisexual Resource Page

Bisexual Resources

Support Groups


Location: Pacific Pride Foundation,608 Anacapa, Suite A Santa Barbara

7:00-8:30PM 3rd Wednesday of Each Month

“A free, confidential discussion group for people 18+ who are bi+ (bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual,fluid, and otherwise non-monosexual). All genders welcome.”

Bi Us For Us Discussion Group

Located in the RCSGD Lounge

5 PM to 6 PM on Thursdays (register on Shoreline!)

This is a discussion group for all students who identify as Bi+ (bisexual, pansexual, fluid, and questioning). We will have facilitated conversation, information about available resources, and a space to heal from biphobia and bisexual erasure. This group is open to all genders.

STI/Pregnancy Prevention

RCSGD (Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity)

Location: 3rd Floor SRB

Contact Information: 805.893.5847,

Offers a wider variety of safer sex material including condoms, dental dams, internal condoms, and lube.

Holds various events that offer free HIV/STI testing. 


Most dorms and bathrooms have a condom dispenser that is available free of cost to all students. These locations include: San Rafael main towers and the 1st floor SRB restroom. 

Safer Sex Peers

These are various students on campus that are denoted by a door deck, buttons, and stickers that can give out safer sex materials including condoms and lube. If you are interested in becoming a safer sex peer you can attend two training sessions offered by Health and Wellness. Upon completion of the program you will receive free contraceptives to give out and learn all about safer sex. Only available to students living in residence halls.

(805) 893-2630

Women's Center

Location: 1st Floor of the SRB

Contact Information: 805-893-3778,

Provides safer sex materials, as well as information of  various subjects pertaining to how to practice safer sex and preventing pregnancy.

Health and Wellness

Location:Suite 1610, Student Health Services Building

Contact: 805-893-2630,

Offers safer sex materials and information about pertaining to these subjects.

Holds events that offer free HIV testing.

Pacific Pride Foundation 

Location: 608 Anacapa, Suite A Santa Barbara

Contact: 805-963-3636, 

Offers information about PrEP, how to maintain sexual health, and free, anonymous testing.