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Two-Spirit Resources

Queer, Trans*, and Two-Spirit Resources

The American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian Native, and Indigenous students make up the smallest population on-campus, encompassing a total of 1% of the student population, which includes graduate students as well. Our Native student community is a tight-knit group that has consistently gone above and beyond. In recent years Native students received the two highest awards offered by the university. 


These are various offices and resources available on and off-campus to students. For a full list of resources available please visit the RCSGD main website.


This office focuses on helping Indigenous students on campus. They hold events, networking opportunities between organizations, departments, and faculty, and offer space available to hold events or meetings. 

Location: 1st floor of the SRB (Student Resource Building)

Phone/Email: (805)-893-4758,

Hours: M-Th 8 am -Midnight, and F 8 am-6 pm


This center offers various events including lectures, films and videos, panel discussions, readings, art exhibitions, and music, dance and dramatic performances, collaborations, and space in an effort to create cultural awareness.

Location: UCEN, Room 1504

Phone: (805)-893-8411

Hours: M-Th 8a-10pm. F 8am-5pm


Clubs and Programs

This list offers information about clubs and programs at UCSB available to black students. The availability of these resources may vary year to year. For more information about meeting times and contact information visit

American Indian Indigenous Student Association

AIISA is the only main hub of all the student organizations focused on American Indian and Indigenous identity. The purpose of the American Indian & Indigenous Student Association is to provide a social, nurturing, academic, and community space at UCSB and in the community for all American Indian & Indigenous students.



American Indian Indigenous Academic Council

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) is an interdisciplinary, international membership-based organization, composed of scholars working in the fields of Native American and Indigenous Studies, broadly defined. NAISA has become the premier international and interdisciplinary professional organization for scholars, graduate students, independent researchers, and community members interested in all aspects of Indigenous Studies.

Two-Spirit Alliance

The Two-Spirit Alliance is one of the sub-organizations under AIISA. Focused on cultivating a community for our two-spirit students on campus.

To learn more about the Two-Spirit Alliance please email the RCSGD or AIICRC.

American Indian Indigenous Engineering Association

Members of the UCSB chapter of the American Indian Science & Engineering society provide each other peer support; academic, leadership, and professional development opportunities; and career guidance, in advancing the National AISES mission to increase the number of American Indians in science, engineering, and technology disciplines.

This student organization is currently inactive. If you would like to restart this organization, please contact the AIICRC staff for assistance.

American Indian & Indigenous Garden Association

This student organization is one of the sub-organizations under AIISA. Members of the American Indian & Indigenous Gardens Alliance promote health through growing and preparing traditional foods/plants that enhance our medical, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

To get involved with AIIGA please contact the Native Families Garden Coordinator:

American Indian & Indigenous Graduate Student Association

Members of the American Indian Graduate Student Alliance work to connect self-identified American Indian and Indigenous graduate students within and beyond the UCSB community, provide professional development opportunities, and develop interdisciplinary and relational approaches to American Indian and Indigenous (AII) studies.


Community Based Resources

This list offers information about clubs and programs at UCSB available to American Indian & Indigenous students. 


Founded in 2017, the Our Villages scholarship supports the educational advancement of undergraduate and/or graduate students at UCSB who are helping to advance Native American issues in their communities. The Fund supports tuition or educational fees, travel for research or academic conferences, books, and supplies, or other needs associated with scholarly studies. It also supports group programming efforts or projects in keeping with the spirit of supporting the scholarship and professional advancement of the Native American student community.



Phone: (805)-963-3636


The American Indian Health & Services clinic provides quality medical, dental, pediatric, and behavioral health services to all members of the community. The clinic also hosts several free community events each month, including workshops on beading, regalia making, gardening, fitness, and more.

For more information, please contact Youth and Family Engagement Specialists:

Manny Luna (805) 681-7356, ext. 272 or email at

Kiana Cates (805) 681-7356, ext. 401 or


The Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation (CBCN) is a sovereign nation of Coastal Chumash Indigenous Peoples. Our ancestors have lived in this area for many thousands-of-years. CBCN has a long presence in the Tri-County Areas. We are a nation of Chumash Indigenous Peoples from the San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and other Counties.


Haku. The story of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians is a story of hope, optimism, and success. We are looking ahead for the well-being of the next generations as we honor our heritage and traditions today.

Our reservation in the Santa Ynez Valley is the home to tribal families and to our tribal government and the Chumash Casino Resort. But our reservation also is home to a dream that started many years ago with our ancestors. Their spirit will continue far into the future because of the actions we are taking in the present.


Wishtoyo's Chumash Village is a unique and authentic re-creation of a working Native American village on a four-acre historical site at Nicholas Canyon County Beach in Malibu, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is the only living Chumash cultural village of its kind in Southern California. The Village was constructed on property managed by Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, Wishtoyo's partner in the project.