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Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing Form

UCSB strives to facilitate safe, welcoming, and comfortable living spaces for our students. If you feel Gender Inclusive Housing is something you're looking for, please fill out this form! 

Gender Inclusive Housing form

What Does the Gender Inclusive Housing Form Do?

A member of the gender inclusive housing committee works with the information provided in the Gender Inclusive Housing form to help place those that fill out the form where they're most comfortable. Most often, this means assistance in the roommate selection process where a member of the Gender Inclusive Housing Team will put students in contact with each other to see if they fit as future roommates! If someone does not want to be part of the roommate selection process, then the Gender Inclusive Housing Team will review the information provided in the form to best place you. 

Note: If you are looking to live in a mixed gender suite in Manzanita Village, San Raphael, or any of the Undergraduate Apartments you can do so with the roommate selection process provided by the Undergraduate Contracts. In other words, there is no need to fill out the Gender Inclusive Housing form if you are looking to live in a mixed gender suite in any of the mentioned locations.

Learning Living Communities

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide a unique and engaging community experience through cultural, identity or academic themes. At UCSB we have three different LGBTQIA+ Serving LLCs: the Sex and Gender Expansive (SAGE) Community, Rainbow House, and Lavender Living. 

Rainbow House

Rainbow House is a LGBTQIA+ housing program located in Condor and La Cumbre Houses in Manzanita Village. Usually consisting of second sears, Rainbow House connects its residents to resources all over campus. This LLC is a supportive environment for members and allies of the community!

Lavender Living

Lavender Living is an LLC that serves allies and members of the queer & trans community in the undergraduate apartments. Lavender Living consists of third and fourth years and is located in Gibraltar Village! This LLC hosts events related to LGBTQIA+ identities and makes connections within the community.

Sex and Gender Expansive (SAGE) Community

Mostly consisting of first year students, the SAGE Community has gender inclusive restrooms, promotes a safe, welcoming space and is for those that seek LGBTQIA+ community and/or allyship. This LLC is an intentional space to welcome and support intersex and medically transitioning individuals.

Additional LLCS

You can find more information about the other nine Living Learning Communities on the UCSB LLCS Website.
There are some amazing communities offered on campus for many identities!

Graduate Student Housing

At UC Santa Barbara, we have the San Clemente Villages that accommodate full-time graduate students in two- and four-bedroom apartments with single occupancy bedrooms.

First year, single graduate students entering during Fall quarter are given priority consideration for housing. 

Gender inclusive housing options are also available for graduate student housing. If interested, fill out the Gender Inclusive Housing Form.Gender Inclusive Housing Form.

Family Student Housing

Family Student Housing provides a limited number of one- and two-bedroom single-family units for full time students. Student Family Housing is inclusive to LGBTQ+ couples and families. Priority is given to families with children, then married couples. 

Further Information

For help or questions about the on-campus housing options mentioned, please contact the LGBTQIA+ Housing Coordinator at qthousingcoordinator@sa.ucsb.edu or University and Community Housing Services at housinginfo@housing.ucsb.edu.

Learn more about the LGBTQIA+ on-campus housing application and rates here!

Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing Options

Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative provides low-rent housing for UC Santa Barbara students through six complexes that seek to further the principles of cooperation through mutual, self-help living. Newman House is their LGBTQ+ themed complex.

UCSB Off-Campus Rental Listings gives you access to privately-owned housing in the community. Households can be designated LGBTQ+ friendly.

Contact person: Jenn Birchim

UCSB's Rapid Rehousing Program

This program offers assistance to students with housing needs by offering transitional housing, housing vouchers, and case management.

Rapid Rehousing Program

Other UCSB housing resources

UCSB has a variety of resources to help students find safe and affirming housing.

Housing Resources