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The RCSGD has a QTBIPOC Empowerment Coordinator that hosts weekly Empowerment Hours for QTBIPOC students.

QTBIPOC Empowerment Hours is a space intentionally for QTBIPOC to exist, rest, rejuvenate, and come together as a community to thrive individually and collectively.

These weekly spaces take place every Monday from 6:00pm - 8:00pm in the RCSGD Lounge.

For more information, email QTpoc@sa.ucsb.edu

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Cultural Centers

The mission of the Asian Resource Center (ARC) is to educate, promote, and encourage the interaction and dialogue among the diverse ethnic groups within the Asian American community at UCSB. The Center provides a supportive environment for students, staff, faculty, and community members to develop an appreciation for one's identity and to affirm an institutional commitment that recognizes one’s community.

Location: 1st floor of the SRB (Student Resource Building)

 ARC Website

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The East Asia Center (EAC) at the University of California, Santa Barbara promotes interdisciplinary research and cultural events on East Asia. It brings together UCSB faculty, students, and the wider local public with leading scholars and other creative individuals from other institutions in order to create a critical and nurturing community for the study of East Asia. EAC strives to collaborate with a range of departments, individuals and other units in the Humanities, Social Sciences and beyond that are invested in education and public understanding of East Asia. EAC invests in relationships between UCSB and the East Asian region as well as the academy and the public. EAC is housed within the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research (ISBER) at UC Santa Barbara. 

Contact: admin@eastasian.ucsb.edu

EAC Website

The MENASARC  promotes the cultural awareness and academic success of students of Middle Eastern, North African and South Asian (MENASA) heritage. The center also serves as an organizing hub for our MENASA student communities and serves as a dedicated space to organize programming for the campus-at-large. Through its programs, the MENASARC works to assist students to embrace their cultural identity, integrate into student life, promote an appreciation and celebration of diversity, and reinforce an affirmation of our institutional and educational commitment to leadership, achievement, collaboration, excellence, and community.

Location: 1st floor of the SRB (Student Resource Building)


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This center offers various events including lectures, films and videos, panel discussions, readings, art exhibitions, and music, dance and dramatic performances, collaborations, and space in an effort to create cultural awareness.

Location: UCEN, Room 1504

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The Department of Asian American Studies was one of the first departments in the U.S. devoted to the study of Asian Americans. Students learn to evaluate literature, analyze data and conduct original research on Asian American communities.

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ONDAS Student Center at UCSB promotes the success and retention of first-generation college students with an emphasis on the first year transition and underrepresented student experience. We provide mentoring and academic support in a learning-centered space for students to connect with faculty, staff, and peers in order to grow personally and excel academically.

Location: Kerr Hall 1150

ONDAS Website

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Student Organizations

LGBTQIA+ APIDA Student Organizations

There isn’t currently an LGBTQIA+ specific APIDA student organization, but if you are interested in restarting Queer Trans Asian Pacific Islander Desis (QTAPID),

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Other APIDA Student Organizations

At UCSB, there are a variety of APIDA Student Organizations.

APIDA Student Organizations List