RCSGD Advising Drop-in Hours

The RCSGD hosts weekly advising drop-in hours in our lounge to help students navigate UCSB academics and other resources.

Drop-in Hours

LGBTQ+ Studies Minor

The LGBTQ+ Minor under the Department of Feminist Studies provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary examination of the lives, experiences, identities, and representations of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals; their families and communities; their cultures and subcultures; their histories, institutions, languages and literatures; their economics and politics; and their complex relations to the culture and experience of a heterosexual majority.

LGBTQ+ Studies Minor

LGBTQIA+ Library Research and Resource Guide

LGBTQ+ Studies Library resources

This library resource page has both print and electronic resources for researching LGBTQ issues for different LGBTQIA+ focused courses at UCSB

Library Resources 

LGBTQ+ Well-being Library Resources

This library resource page has both print and electronic well-being resources in Sexual health, sexuality, relationships, gender and LGBTQ books

Well-being Library Resources

Tutoring & Accommodations


Campus Learning Assistance Services is meant to supplement students' classroom learning, Campus Learning Assistance Services offers course-specific tutoring groups, workshops, and drop-in hours at no additional cost for students. Program topics range from chemistry to writing to general academic skills.


Disabled Students Program (DSP) staff members assist permanently and temporarily disabled students in their success at UC Santa Barbara. DSP serves as the liaison regarding issues and regulations related to students with disabilities. Students are responsible for making DSP aware of their disabilities and for providing appropriate documentation. Services provided by DSP are all free of charge.